The house was built in 1971
Our parents decided to retire in the South of France and bought this paradise in 1992
For 24 years the parents have lived in this gorgeous region of France.
We were lucky to be able to spend all our summer holidays here.

Since spring 2017 two of the kids decided to take care of the property as a home for our sister and brother in law,
for us as a vacation home
The house is constructed in a typical style of the region
Not too hot in summer but the airco will keep you fresh anyway !
The villa has two units and only the ground floor is for rent. The house is entered by the frontdoor, and has a private terrasse. The garden and swimmingpool is at your disposal in cohabitation with the owners on the first floor, our sister and brother in law

This region is so rich in all aspects : history, culture, nature that you can spent weeks discovering all these pearls of the Languedoc, Pyrénées-Orientales

Pic Canigou is visible from the house.
The Canigou is located in Pyrénées-Orientales, south of Prades and north of Prats-de-Mollo-la-Preste.
Its location makes it visible from the plains of Roussillon and from Conflent in France, and as well from Empordà in Spain.
Twice a year, in early February and at the end of October, with good weather, the Canigou can be seen at sunset from as far as Marseille, 250 km away, by refraction of light.
All year long, it can also be seen, with good weather, from Agde, Port-Camargue and the Montagne Noire.

In general the Languedoc climate is Mediterranean, with hot dry summers, rainy winters, and moderate springs and autumns. You can expect to get 300 days of sunshine a year in the Languedoc,
After Corsica, the Languedoc-Roussillon region is the hottest in France, with average annual temperatures between 13.5°C and 15°C

Céret enjoys an exceptional microclimate.
Naturally sheltered from the winds of the dominant North - La Tramontana - Céret grows the first cherries of France and has blooming mimosas before Christmas.
The cherries from Roussillon are the first picked in France, and a ceremonial bunch is presented to the President each year

The real french feeling with the Mediterranean sea within reach.
Autumn and spring are even more lovely periods to visit the region as the temperatures are great at that moment